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August 18, 2012 by guaparella


Misandry, meaning the ‘hatred of men’, has evolved into an anti-feminist sentiment used to derail discussions about women and feminism. The use of the word is the epitome of the modern backlash against the feminist movement by Men’s Rights Activists; those threatened by the concept of losing the privilege they vehemently deny having.

Under the not so convincing guise of ‘gender equality’, MRAs desperately spread misconceptions about feminism in order to undermine the movement, whilst banding around the term ‘misandry’. For example, asserting that the legal system and society in general is misandrist. Which, to be blunt, is complete bullshit. It would be funny, if these people weren’t potentially doing a lot of harm.

Of course, men are affected by gender roles. They are pressured into being ‘masculine’ which encompasses being unfeeling, strong and logical. Men are stigmatised if they show ‘feminine’ traits which include being emotional and irrational. But…

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